Posted by: purplediva | March 30, 2008

The Bewildered Mummy – Sunday 30th March 2008

Sunday 30th

Oh my God……I get into bed at 4.00 am!!! And no, I don’t have a hangover but I do have a terrible migraine and my legs feel like I have a pair of diving boots on, which surprises me. Not the feeling of heaviness……but that I should know what it feels like to have had diving boots on because I’ve no idea whatsoever what that may feel like as I’ve never been diving, nor do I have any desire to!!!

It is the most beautiful sunny day outside. A glorious late spring day with birds singing, tulips in the garden, blue skies, people walking the dogs, and you can smell roast dinners for miles around. The perfect day for a stroll to the local pub and a leisurely afternoon….hmmmmm….well it would have been if most of it hadn’t been spent with me horizontal!!! ALL day….. I was knackered.

Not only was I knackered but many moons ago someone had the bright idea to pinch an hour of our time, and this happened to be the weekend that they pinched it. So I’m now missing an hour as well……extra knackered. Well it does give me an excuse to stay in bed doesn’t it????

Ooooerrrrrr……..I decided that I would write up my ‘blog’ on the other computer. I got fed up with writing on the laptop from the bed as I usually do. BIG mistake………

Now, what a conundrum; I am looking through for some photographs to upload and I see that my darling daughter (who is 19 ) has uploaded her phone pictures to my home pc………hmmmmmm Well, it is my pc after all……they look innocent enough after all………

Oh no they’re not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG……..I have seen rather a lot more of my darling daughter than I anticipated………


1. Do I delete the photo’s and say nothing?

2. Do I leave the photo’s there and say nothing?

3. Do I tell her I’ve seen them and leave them there?

4. Do I tell her I’ve seen them and I don’t think she should be photographing her ‘bits’

5. Do I tell her I’ve seen them and that if she’s going to photograph her bits that she shouldn’t upload them to my computer


Answers to a bewildered mummy please…….lol


  1. I would go with option 5..

    or just try and drop a hint in a conversation and she should then remove it all..

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