Posted by: purplediva | April 1, 2008

The Brat and Mr De’Mille

Tuesday 1st April

April Fools day….oh yesssssssssss. I check my email as I do every morning….early. and I get a ‘notification’ from Ebay that my ‘bid’ has been cancelled. What do they mean my bid has been cancelled….by whom and why??? I’m pissed off now. Is this a joke? Is this April Fools day? Is someone having me on? Has someone secretly bought this from under my nose? Has someone that’s been reading MY BLOG…..contacted the buyer and bought them????? Maybe someone was going to surprise me with them…… Now THAT thought is really beginning to get at me. Oh its no laughing matter… smirking allowed. This is Tingha and Tucker I am talking about, re; blog last week….The red boomerang – Terrific Tuesday. Only, this now wasn’t going to be a terrific Tuesday was it……..

AND it wasn’t an April Fool. I contacted the seller, only to be told ‘my daughter decided she wanted to keep them’ yeah rite. She wanted to keep them because I was the only person that had bid on them and the bid was only at £3…….what she didn’t know was that I was prepared to pay £50 and possibly even more for these puppets…….and then she sends me an email later in the day saying ‘I have Tingha or Tucker on his own, would you like that before I put him on ebay’……Now….I have been known to be a mug, however, I am wising up a little. Palming off a manky moth eaten 35 year old koala bear glove puppet does not make it Tingha…….or Tucker for that matter……………

I know, because I already have two or three of them in my trophy cabinet already…Ebay is wonderful 😉

I’m going to London today and I have to be out early because I have a hospital appointment. I CAN get out on time when I want to 😉 Just as I’m drying my hair…..rushing again, I suddenly realise that Charlotte has my railcard. Typical. You lend things and they never give them back. I need to use it and I don’t have it. I’ve got to pay full price for my ticket….Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….bloody children!!!

I LOVE the station…St Pancras, not my local one. I hate my local station. I hate the steps. Mind you, all stairs are the bane of my life. Damn knees 😦. I’m meeting a really gorgeous friend for coffee in Costa, when I do a double take…….Tony Hadley appears (of Spandau Ballet fame) oh, be still my beating heart…….he still looks damn good for his age…..mind you, I don’t look too bad either….podgy, but the fat fills out the wrinkles….that’s my excuse!!! I didn’t want to go to my appointment, I could have stayed there and enjoyed the company for another few hours…..chatting and laughing… was so ‘comfortable’. The ambiance of the place is fantastic and living in the country as I do, I miss the buzz. I should do this more often. I have a little chat to Mr Hadley and he signs some paper for my sister…..she’s going to be so jealous. He was very nice, very sweet……I could have taken him home with me 😉

The nurse was a darling. Not at all like the angel of death from last week. She was very very pleasant. Until that was, she squirted ice cold gel all over my ample bosoms!! She’d already had a good feel of them and now she was going over them with a fine tooth comb, only this wasn’t quite so fine…..more like a cold iron really. I was having an ultra sound.

Have you noticed that when you get onto weighing scales you suddenly become aware of the force of gravity and you are magically MUCH heavier than you imagine? Well having a breast examination is much the same. You imagine that your breasts are firm, taught and pert….until you are stood there before an experienced breast nurse. They aren’t firm taught and pert….. they are saggy, empty and droopy…..and reality isn’t nice. They are never going to be ‘up where they belong’ well, not without the help of surgery anyway. And this indignity is not yet quite finished….I’m then ushered for a mammogram. Oh the joy……

I am stripped to the waist and my breast is thrust forward into this machine. Hilariously, the poor radiographer has to use both hands to hold my ONE breast in place, whilst I am holding the other breast away before that falls under the plastic plate that is being lowered onto by rapidly flattening boob!!! Its soooooo undignified. My knee hurts because of how I’m standing but I still want to say ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr De’Mille!!!’

By the time I get to the tube my knee is REALLY painful. I know my leg is swollen, I can feel it. I need to raise my leg but I can’t. Its getting late and its very busy. The tube is horrendous and packed. I love London but I hate this. I have about 9 stops before st Pancras. I have my stick with me and I struggle down the steps at South Kensington station. Sadly, it does make me feel very vulnerable. I’ve had a brilliant day, but this is the reality for me at the moment. I’m hungry and a little irritable but I’m okay. People are very kind to me……except, the BRAT on the tube in the disabled seat……..

She got on with her brother at South Kensington with me. She’d already jostled past me. You couldn’t miss me this day….my coat was bright yellow (I love that coat!). I glared at her then, because I stumbled. She couldn’t have missed my stick…..its impossible not too. It looks like something out of Willy Wonkas chocolate factory….and that one was as bright as my coat. So she gets on the train and sits in the ‘disabled’ seat. Her brother in the seat next to her. I can’t move too swiftly with a dodgy knee, so I can’t jostle for position…..i smile sweetly and hope that someone takes pity on me. They didn’t. The Brat sat there, not daring to make eye contact with me. ‘your mother must be so proud of you’ was going around in my head. I so wanted to say it to her. She must only have been about 13 or so, but not wanting confrontation of any kind…..I didn’t. After a couple of stops, a seat became free, directly opposite Brat. I glared……for the whole journey……I glared. One day she may know what its like to have to walk with a stick…….but I really hope not 😦


  1. I would have given up my seat for you,…. in fact there was lots in there i would have liked to do..

    Being the radiographer would have been good, not visited St Pancras as yet, have have to have a coffee there soon 😉

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