Posted by: purplediva | April 20, 2008

Plucked chicken club!!!

I’m constantly asked how my nickname came to be so here goes. If you can deal with the ‘wickedness’ read on! If you don’t like taboo subjects or are mildly squeamish or easily offended.  STOP right now!

A chance glimpse of a car as I passed the Doctors surgery led me to take the plunge and make the call. You couldn’t miss this car. A very sassy little mini cooper with its company logo of pink fig leaves and wording ‘Do your collars and cuffs match?’ emblazoned on every available surface!  Working outside the home offered some respite, and although my chosen work raised a few eyebrows amongst family and some friends, it turned out to be the most entertaining and enlightening months I’d ever had.  I absolutely adored working alongside the vibrant Teri.  I never once doubted her boundless enthusiasm and positivity that there’d be huge growth in pubic hair dye!  This was to be the making of The Purple Diva.  Literally!

I don’t know what in the world possesses perfectly sane mature women to want to shave off all their pubic hair, but I for one don’t.  I  just don’t subscribe to the plucked chicken club.  Which I personally think is rather distasteful and pre-pubescent in appearance. I think that it’s very un sexy for a woman over the age of 20 ish, to be sporting this ‘look’. However, neither do I go for the au naturel or the ‘Ewok’ look of hair in abundance either……

MY personal preference is to be neatly trimmed, well groomed, and shaved where it matters ………..

Oh and dyed purple (well purple/magenta) for a touch of wickedness!

Yes I know that for some people this may seem radical in thought, however, THINK again. This is truly INCREDIBLY sexy…..

I frequently dress in a black business suit, with pearl necklace and diamond earrings and its very empowering to know that underneath, I have a little secret, a very sexy secret. And as a woman in business (small business, but it’s mine whatever!) that makes ME feel good!

As you can imagine, my ‘preference’, and I suppose my openness about it, has led to some hilarious conversations and situations. Given that a couple of glasses of champagne loosens the tongue anyway,  and I am want to be a loose canon in the right setting, New Years eve proved to be one such occasion!

Two young women (early 20’s) were having a conversation in the Ladies toilets when I joined in.  My little secret somehow came into the conversation and at the point of realisation of what I was actually talking about, one of the poor girls promptly gasped and spat her glass of celebratory champagne, spectacularly all over the toilet cubicle walls, showering the beautiful artwork of past guests ;-).

“Oh go on, SHOW US” they both said, giggling.  And you know, for a couple of seconds, the thought actually did cross my mind! Then common sense prevailed and I thought, I’m 46 for Gods sake, and here I am, considering showing my pubic hair (although its an artwork!) to 2 complete strangers – get a grip!

I didn’t ‘show and tell’ but I felt very wicked about it, and I don’t doubt that its given them hours of conversational pleasure.

When I went into hospital recently, I made sure that I was freshly purpled……just in case anyone might see!

Now for the technical bit. This is a permanent organic dye (no beavers or pussies were harmed in the manufacture of the product!) and it covers grey hair The ‘purpleness’ came about because I was asked if I would like to trial their new fun colours that Teri was now manufacturing, which I did.

Now, whether you like it or not, with maturity and the ageing process you are definitely going to go grey ‘down there’!  I like to do this, its fun, lots of fun, and I can change the colour if I so wish, but I choose to stay the same.


ps…I did once sport ‘the Tiffany Box’….pale blue with a strategically placed diamante… but not for moi!


  1. The hair dye I use for my bikini area is really easy to use and I would suggest trying it. If you dye the hair on your head to change up your look, why not dye your bush? You can even try stencils if you’re really looking for a unique look.

    • erm…..noooo thank you…..Betty hair dye isn’t organic and I wouldn’t consider using a product that isn’t, or has been tested on animals. I am more than happy with Minikini ( as their product is FAR superior to ‘Betty’ …. Its also a UK product and I believe in supporting your own. As for stencils….I already do those myself….i’m a designer 🙂

  2. ok so where do I get red!!!!!

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