Posted by: purplediva | May 12, 2008

Diva Dance….take your seats….

12th May 2008

Today is going to be GREAT. I don’t know why but I feel it in my bones. I’m going to accomplish a lot today….which is going to come as a great surpise to those around me because i’m usually languishing in a hot office looking like i’m working hard, when in fact I’m actually playing around on Facebook, Ebay or anything else that wastes huge amounts of time in an effort to distract my attention from getting anything done…..much like blogging to be honest!

I’ve had a bad few days….apathy, lethargy, misargy (okay i know its not a word but I like it and it works!)…anyway, a lot of ‘gy’s’…..far too many. I don’t like having no structure. I’m no good without a plan. I’m no good not under pressure. And i’ve not been under pressure for a LONG time, although I feel the pressure rising and a change HAS to come. Its not going to be nice, but it’s inevitable 😦 everything changes doesn’t it.

So………whats going to make today GREAT? I don’t know yet……but i’m up early and i’m bright and switched on. Hmmm…come to think of it, its the first morning for weeks that i’ve had an espresso!! damn, thats where i’ve been going wrong!!! Better go and find Mr James Brown, I feel a song coming on…..and I’m naked….AGAIN…Woohoo…..I FEEEEEL GOOOOOD NA NA NA…LIKE I KNEW THAT I WOOOOOULD….I FEEL NICE…LIKE SUGAR AND SPICE!!!!!!

Oh YEAH!!!

OMG….revelation……I’ve just come in and my neighbours will think I’m raving mad. If they’ve seen me that is…. who cares!! I’ve just found Mr James Brown and a few others…(T Rex..Katrina and the Waves…Jackson 5) and had a 10 minute dance in the garden under the willow tree. NAKED!! oh yessssssss…….so liberating. I Wonder what they’ll make of the purple pubic hair, glistening in the morning sun…although, i suspect a couple could be walking around with stiff necks tomorrow 😉

I know i look funny….frankly my dear ‘I don’t give a damn’! – My body moves in a different rhythm to the music….and i’m sure i don’t move in a graceful way like the woman moving on the tales from the unexpected trailer, writhing naked. I’m quite sure i look more like i’m contorteded in pain…..but i’m lost in my world…and I’m really happy there right at that moment 🙂 (Just don’t send for an ambulance just yet! )

The dogs are hiding in shame. They’ll never recover 🙂

If the sun shines tomorrow, i’m doing it all again……The Purple Diva Dances Again….take your seats!!!

Perfect for Dancing.....


  1. I love it! 🙂 you’d best lay off the champers tonight.

  2. you know we all get older,and land up taking hols
    in special hotels??????? just for us.46 is nearly time

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