Posted by: purplediva | December 12, 2008

Ho Bloody Ho :-(

I do try to get into the festive spirit but somewhere along the way, between July and December, my ‘spirit’ has been completely exorcised.   Just when I think its about to come back….usually on hearing Mariah Carey screeching ‘All I want for Christmas is Youhoooooooooo’ and when my body involuntary begins to twitch at said song or other jolly Christmas rendition.    I call it dancing….my daughters call it ‘weebleing’   but my body tricks me, and I’m bought back to reality by the sharp electric shocks shooting through both knees……. I want to break out into a full blown jig across the shop floor of John Lewis, and really get into the swing of it….let loose and be free and not give a stuff for what anyone thinks…..after all, it is Christmas.   And, if you can’t put a smile on peoples faces now, then when can you.    I think it should be made compulsory to dance to the music in stores on the hour…..unless of course they play Status Quo.   Nobody should be expected to actually listen to that, least of all attempt to dance to it!   But for me, I would start and within a few strides i would be in a spectacular heap.  People may smile, but not for quite the reason that I would like 🙂

So….I’ve not written since July.  Well, pain seems to have quelled the creative process.  I find it amazing that pain in my knees should have stopped me writing with my hands.   With that thought, I wonder If a pain in the arse will render me speechless 😉   (Well, its not worked yet, and i’ve had 10 years of it and i’m still pretty vocal about it!)

Have you missed a lot since July?  LOADS!!!   I have written hundreds of blogs…everyone of them in my head.  In the car.  In bed. In the shower.  In the office.  Whilst cooking the diner (ha ha!)  Countless numbers of them….they’ve just never made it down onto the page, and bloody typical, now i’m actually here and ready to put it all down…….GONE!!!   Puff….into the ether of space….  Well all the funny amusing stuff has.  So you’ll just have to read the boring, mundane bits.   My pubic hair is now red for Christmas.   I just threw that in, just to see if you were still awake and actually reading.  Well it is actually, but I’m keeping it quiet….apart from telling the few thousands of you that read my blog!   Its a rather beautiful red (wouldn’t you just know it!) and matches the red on my glasses!!!!   matching collars and cuffs takes on a whole new meaning…..perhaps it should be ‘rims and trims’ 😉

I don’t actually know why I’m so cheerful.  I have no reason to be.   My darling Ronnie…one of my cats, was injured in a car accident on Monday night.  Although I have 2 cats (british blues) and 2 dogs, Ronnie is MY cat.  He’s my boy.  I have such an affinity with him….we have an understanding.  He is very very special to me, and I’m devastated.  Currently he is at a specialist veterinary centre, but the prognosis is very poor.  Although he has a severe injury which actually isn’t life threatening,  they have discovered that he has a heart problem (cardiomyopathy) which because of the trauma, is causing his lungs to fill with fluid and he can’t get rid of.  Its complicated because they need to give him ‘water’ tablets to get rid of the excess fluid, however, he can’t urinate because of the trauma to his tail.  He will never regain that function, and needs an operation.  He can’t have the operation because of his lung/heart problem.  So its a big vicious circle, and I have ‘the’ decision to make.   I don’t want to have to make it.  not today. not tomorrow. not yet.    

I know many will say ‘he’s just a cat’.  but he’s MY cat.  He’s a gentleman.  He loved me unconditionally.  I will miss him terribly.  I’m not ready for him not be part of my family.

The boys

The boys

Ho bloody Ho. 😦


  1. How is your Cat?
    Should you really talk about rims 😉 and your dancing moved would be good to see.

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