Posted by: purplediva | December 14, 2008

Food Snobbery

Okay, I admit it….I’m a food snob.   Food, along with sex and relationships is one of the three most important things in your life….so, who cares.   Life is too short to eat badly, and you owe it to yourself  to eat as well as you possibly can.   I probably pay more than most for the same food but the packaging looks nice, and I know I throw it away(packaging not food!)…..but I don’t care.    Why do people covet the exquisite workmanship, fine detailing, beautiful stitching of a Chanel suit, or a Mulberry bag,  but are then prepared to eat and oven ready pizza, full of additives, chemicals and processed ingredients?  BUT…..

Once again i’m irked, seriously irked.   I’ve been doing my weekly grocery shop online for the past few months now.  Not with any old supermarket…..not Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, or Asda…..but Waitrose no less.   I don’t want ‘blue label’ value food….I’m not quite ready to go back to that  (nothing against it, and I have been there in the past)    Presentation and choice is everything, and in my location, Waitrose are just far superior with greater variety.   Why have lemonade if you can have champagne??? 🙂    So, I shop online to avoid having to have to endure the pfaff of it all…..which I hate, not to mention the toll on my poor little fat legs.  It takes me hours with decisions when I actually go to the supermarket  and invariably I end up spending at least 50% more than I intend to and over buying, and then have to throw food away….fruit and fresh herbs with regular occurance.  You can visibly see herbs quaking, fearing that I’m going to pick them, when I go near as they know its ultimate death because I just don’t look after them!   They sit on my kitchen window looking green and healthy for a couple of weeks, and then wither and die!!!   Although directly over the sink, i appear to forget that they may need feeding……  guaranteed, EVERY time. 

So….I have an email from Ocado/Waitrose telling me to book my Christmas delivery slot because they’ve just been released.   Eager to get in early….I get online and attempt to book, but can’t see any of their little grey vans available for anytime from 19th December onwards??   I assumed that I had mistakenly logged on before the dates had been released.   So I called their customer services to check when I can view them?   I was gobsmacked to be told “all the slots have already been taken”  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT????   how can that be possible???    “oh, regular customers were notified early”  I’ve been ordering regularly, £150 shopping a week for the past few months and obviously I wasn’t regular enough!!!  I am bloody fuming………and looks like I’m going to have to stand in a bloody queue at the worst time of year which was one of the reasons that I started online shopping to start with (to avoid it!)……….Ho bloody Ho AGAIN….

Irk no. 2    Again with said Supermarket…..

I love food.  I love trying new food, unusual dishes, and exotic tastes.  I buy ‘good’ food.   Healthy food.  Quality food.  Not processed muck.

After doing this weeks shop I noticed a feature that I have never used before and thought I would take a look at.  ‘Louise’s recommended items’   This is a list of items recommended by the supermarket that I presumed was based upon my previous selections.   I think they must have got my list mixed up with someone elses!!!  This is just a snippet of the selections;

1. Always Ultra Duo Nightime     (I had a hysterectomy 15 years ago, so wouldn’t be needing these!)

2. Radox daily elements shower gel  (I use Cartier or Chanel)

3. Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry (Oh Please…..Idrink Champagne!!!!!)

4. Capri Sun  (What the F**k!)

5.Kenco Decaff instant coffee (I would never drink decaff anyway…if you’re going to have coffee, go the whole hog…..and I have a ‘proper’ NESPRESSO machine..)

6. Tropical Fruit Drink.  (I HATE these drinks….hate pineapple drinks)

7. Walls soft scoop ice cream (Noooooo…..Mackies of Scotland, GU Vanilla or maybe Carte D’or at a push)

8.Weight Watchers chilli beef and potato (are they trying to tell me something?)

9. Weight watchers fat free summer pudding (pudding should be VERY fatty….that’s the point of it!!!)

10. Fairy- fresh Lavender & Passion fruiit washing up liquid (I have a dishwasher!)

Anyway, the shopping got finalised which meant that I could carry on with what else I had planned to do, which was to visit my recently born great nephew.   He arrived 4 weeks early and weighed 5lbs.  He’s absolutely perfect and is a beautiful little baby….which is unusual, as most little babies look like wizened up little old men, despite all parents thinking theirs are beautiful, they rarely are.  But I have to say, that little Max really is!    I’d bought him a couple of little outfits, and if I didn’t get my bum out of the sofa (although it was difficult to tell where my bum ended and the sofa began to be honest) he’d be too big for them by the time I’d moved myself and got him them over to him!!  

Fortunately it didn’t make me broody, as my broodiness has long gone… I think it was probably whipped away along with my ovaries and all other bits, years ago!   I did have a wonderful mother and daughter moment with daughter no.1 in the car, whilst taking about newborn baby Max.     She made me laugh so much when she said that it is so awful when parents thrust the new baby onto you to hold and then watch you like a hawk at how you are handling their precious child.  Its especially hard if you’re not experienced with children, knowing how to hold their head, etc.   But she likened it to when you get a new a new mobile phone and someone wants to look at it and you’re frightened that they’re going to damage it or drop it!!!     Ah… sweet and innocent…..yes it is so similar and yet so totally random!!!  Bless her….I LOVE that about her. 

Hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of hearing many new ringtones before I’ll have the pleasure of hearing the patter of tiny feet from darling daughter 🙂


  1. The list of recommended items is soooooooooooo very you!!!

    I’m thinking of switching to Waitrose as I’m becoming disappointed with Sainsburys and the muppets that they seem to delight in employing, M&S is sadly going the same way :-S

    Laughter is a good thing but please don’t make me laugh when I have a pounding headache and cold as it just reverberates around my head LOL

  2. Don’t you think some of your other Adventures at Waitrose has had your card marked, im surprised you are not banned!!!

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