Posted by: purplediva | September 15, 2009

Magenta Divine?

“Don’t be too fat, or too thin, or too dark, or too light; don’t be too sexual, or too chaste, or too smart, or too dumb. Be yourself. But make sure you fit in.”

Anna, One Tree Hill, Truth, Bitter Truth      WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!   (its okay, it’s the word of the week 🙂  )

I don’t want to ‘fit in’, blend in or any other ‘in’….I’m ME, i’m individual, there isn’t another one like me.   How many people really, in their heart of hearts, want to conform and blend in with the beigedom of normality?   Maybe in your 70’s you might, although i’m sure that there are many 1000’s of people that would take issue with that.  My sister is one of those;

At 69, she has just had her 1st tattoo!  Now, I don’t approve of tattoos on women, at all.  I have no issue with individuality, and even piercings to a degree….but I just don’t like tattoos.  I think the artwork is amazing, IF of course you get a fantastic artist….. and I do appreciate it for its individuality and its artform….but just not on women!   With the utmost of respect to my sister, who has just had a small heart tattooed on her left bosom, with the initials DNR….(which she says stands for Do Not Resuscitate, but I think she really meant it to say ‘do not rub’!!!) My objection generally is that the elasticity in your skin diminishes with age.  what looks good at age 20, isn’t going to look quite the same on the skin of a 70 year old.  In my sisters case, its slightly different in that obviously her skin isn’t going to diminish too much more!!!

My darling daughters both have tattoos and piercings, much to my dismay and certainly not with my blessing.  Darling daughter Charlotte had her first one when she was about 15/16 and she got away with it because she said ‘its a semi permanent one’ …..her dad was with her and had been assured that it would last no longer than 5 years and that the dye would begin to break down and that she’d need it re applying.  She will be 23 this year and its as vivid today as its always been!   Daughter no.2 also tattoos.  She now has 3.  One to her foot, a pretty floral design in black.  Pretty, but it covers too large of an area.  She could have had a small daisy on her toe….that would have been enough!  A very sweet butterfly on her hip, which she designed herself….and the most recent addition, a quotation on her wrist.  I don’t get it.  I just don’t get it.

I haven’t always been so anti.  In fact, when I was growing up I always wanted one myself.  I wanted a daisy chain around my belly button.  I’ve thanked God several times that i never had it done, or else I would have been sporting sunflowers by now.   Wilting sunflowers at that!.

So…MY individuality….I like my tea from china cups….I use a handkerchief….I always wear gloves in cold weather….I like my walking sticks to match my glasses! (even my surgeon/s noted my co ordination)  I’m a Lady no matter what……Albeit one with a penchant for purple pubic hair! (currently magnificent magenta)

Now, don’t you think MY individuality is far more wicked and sexy than any tattoo?

More tea vicar?


  1. Magenta is a sign of passion & there is so much passion in you I’m surprised you don’t burst. How fitting it is, that your pubic hair is again an art piece.

    A lady then, a lady now, you will never differ. Keep up the spirits & fight those demons. We love you collectively & individually. xxxxx


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