Posted by: purplediva | January 4, 2010

G spotted….???

So…now its ‘official’ the mysterious *’G’ spot is all in our heads.  According to new research by Kings College Hospital London, the findings of which were published last week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (wow, is that a top shelf mag for academics?). The study was carried out on 1800 British women….all identical or non identical twins  aged between 23 & 83.

No diversions!

Now if you’re like me,  at this point you’ll be wondering exactly how such a study would be conducted.  As far as I have been led to believe, and having done just a little ‘research’ myself over my mature years…. I certainly have a little sensitive area (but then of course that could have just been an urgency to pee at the time!) this study would have to have included some form of ‘internal’ examination???  But NO…shock horror, the study group ‘filled out questionnaires’ !!!!!   The result being, in a nutshell….that its all in our little heads.   Well….

That now answers a multitude of questions for many, but little surprise to me.  Hence why some men have been unable to find it as they rarely dare to venture in the psyche of a woman!   The Telegraphs article states;  ‘Supposedly discovered in 1950 it is meant to be a collection of nerve endings possessed by some women and not others which if found can give women a high level of sexual pleasure’
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I couldn’t agree more.  You see actually, whilst the experts deliberate over whether the G spot for sexual arousal exists, they miss the biggest sexual turn of of all time…….the brain.  This is the real G spot.    Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a glowing light that tells you when its okay to stimulate that button but you are expressely expected to know when not too!  Touched at the wrong moment, or wrong day and  by the wrong person (telesales people have a knack) and it most certainly doesn’t stimulate any sexual pleasure for either of us!

The sad news for many women is that this errogenous zone may continue to remain as elusive as the mysterious G spot itself now that research disputes its existence, thus giving some men the perfect excuse not to  bother to venture into either regions other than for their own pleasures………..

There are however,  a few that can and do, with just a few words of  articulate conversation and especially humour, spark those little brain nerves into such a frenzy that the resulting sexual ‘arousal’ is  toe tingling painful.  Mr Bond may have liked his shaken not stirred but my preference anyday is to be stirred by words than shaken by the mechanics of any Ann Summers or other likewise gadetry! (but the rabbit is staying!!!)

Of course there could be one glitch in the findings of the Kings College study….maybe, just maybe….Twins don’t have G spots!

With that thought….G’day mate (couldn’t resist!) maybe i’ll dive back under the duvet and do a little further research, with no multiple choices.

Nor am I going to phone a friend…..although…..where are ‘u’ 😉

*G-spot, named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German scientist who claimed to have discovered the elusive erogenous zone in 1950.


  1. I knew it had to be all in the ladies head as surely I couldn’t be missing it for all these years??

    •’ve not been asking for directions again, have you!!!

  2. Dont forget guys never ask for directions, maybe Ann Summers will develop a lady TomTom, giving us blokes directions. A bit like the Golden Shot (it was 70’s game show for you under 30’s).
    Up a bit, down a bit, left a bit, FIRE

    • I heard they already had one but i can’t repeat it here!

  3. Well if they do, I’m going on line now, and so would ANY woman I’ve ever been with!

    • you might want to retract that comment!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I meant they would be buying me one, not for themselves!!!!

  4. I would never profess to be an expert in the female psyche, more a willing novice, but I would have to dispute the findings of this research or ask that a more appropriate sample group be elicited. Obviously those sampled are from the top end of town, who wouldn’t know a decent sexual encounter if it bit them on the arse……..btw he’s in Hong Kong. 😉

  5. Its real. I’ve found it in several ladies that I have “known”. Properly massaged with finger or penis they all reached a better orgasim than they otherwise did. I have not found this spot in all the ladies I have been with.

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