Posted by: purplediva | May 1, 2010



I MUST apologies for the lack of blogging that’s been done over the past few weeks.  I’m a VERY bad girl and know that I should be punished.  However, as always I have a whole plethora of excuses that I could use if I so wished.  From the sublime to the completely ridiculous.

The ridiculous being that I’ve been in hospital yet again for another operation on dodgy knee.  Of course that would be so f’ing ridiculous in the extreme because that would now be op no. 7 and in our grand NHS that would just be absurd.  Well…..truth is stranger than fiction….

Add into the mix a little sublime pleasure in that yours truly now has an appointed literary ‘agent’ and has indeed penned and submitted two proposals for novels.  All incredibly exciting but also demanding in a wonderful way.  So if my blog is a little lapse sometime, you know that ‘something’ is happening in a wonderful way elsewhere.  Or else I’ve been abducted by aliens…oh, don’t mock, I REALLY have been abducted by aliens.  They took my original body and gave me that of some other poor cows with dodgy knees.  It all happened about 3 years ago after a boozy night in London on pink champagne.  That’ll teach me to say no to the guy with the funny little mouth and bulging eyes.  When he talked about wanting to probe me, I assumed he was talking about information…

I’ve also been writing for a fabulous website for which I will be submitting articles on a regular basis. (the articles will eventually be placed here, but after they have appeared on MAM) Please do check in on the site which is very interactive with lots to comment on, book clubs, celebrity profiles, forums, and of course my own wicked view on the world.  One of my favourite people Dougie Brimson will also be a regular contributor.  I have a hunch that our ‘spats’ are destined to become legendary 😉

Another little addition to my pudding mix is that I am now the Public Relations Director of another company also…..

Which has also started trading in these last few weeks.  This has been incredibly traumatic for numerous reasons.  The company is a fabulous  new concept of quintessentially English retro caravans, with the emphasis on small and very beautiful, caravans with ‘curve’ appeal…proud to tow, and proud to show. If you know nothing about ‘glamping’  (glamour camping) you soon will!


  1. Wow … no wonder I haven’t seen you lately on Twitter, sweetheart. Hope you are still good-to-go with our Afternoon Tea Tweecup in London in June!!! Many congratulations on the new directions your world is taking you in … :o)

    • Oh will definitely still be coming in June…Wild horses would have to drag me away!! Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier, but have only just got back from the wilds of Devon where the internet was sadly lacking 😦

  2. very pleased to be welcoming the lovely purplediva to………..

    and watch out for Dougie and the Diva most definitely!

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