Posted by: purplediva | June 15, 2012

Snow White……


Snow White

Snow White…..

Why, why WHY???  ‘Clean and Dry Intimate Wash’ sounds innocuous enough doesn’t it?  Well, you know me…I like to bring you, edgy, risqué, bizarre, off beat items that I think you should know about.  Well…here’s one that’s going to buck the trend.  I DON’T think you need to know about this.  But it’s not going to stop me from telling you, purely for the ‘euugghh’  and ‘why in Gods name would you want to’ factor!

Many of you might have heard of a little known pastime practiced by some women and as far as I’m aware, not by men (BUT as I’m writing this, I’m thinking, possibly there is a sector to whom this may be appealing….).  Recently highlighted in the chick flick film, Bridesmaids, you could hear a lot of wincing and the tangible signs of pinched faces and even more, clenched bottoms, at the line “ Yes…AND I get my ass bleached too” ….Yes ladies (and men)…ANAL bleaching.

No I haven’t had that done, nor have I EVER harboured any remote desire to…oh my mind just boggles as to why you’d want to? BUT…Clean and Dry Intimate Wash takes this one step further….VAGINAL bleaching!

Clean & Dry Intimate Wash

WHY WHY WHY??? I can’t write this is large enough, bold enough letter to express my angst at my discovery!

I understand that the product has apparently been formulated for the Asian market who find that a less than peachy looking vag rather distasteful.  And if that’s not bad enough, they’ve even decided to highlight the issue and make women feel even more inferior by bringing out a commercial where the poor wife doesn’t warrant a morning look from her handsome husband, until she’s washed herself ‘down there’.  Hey presto…quick shower and suddenly she’s his princess and not poor cinders…

Video commercial link…..HERE!

Surely this will also play into the hands of the hierarchal issue of skin colour within Asian communities, where darker skinned people are ‘encouraged’ to stay out of the sun and to purchase skin whitening products

What’s wrong with your vagina being ‘vagina’ coloured…whatever colour that may be for YOU?

Of course there is the argument ‘what’s wrong with skin lightening…it’s no different to anyone wanting to tan their skin’?  Well no…I guess in essence that It’s not, however, skin tanning is a natural occurrence by the melanin in your skin whereas skin lightening has to be undertaken by using chemicals on your skin sometimes with hideously disastrous effects.

Advertising executives have for a long time used the explanation that they are light reflective, and this one Indian article strangly argues that fair features are ‘easier to see’…hmmm

 So apparently it’s to make your vagina reflect more light…oh I get it now.  Or rather I don’t?  Until they make a formula with a glow in the dark, fluorescent additive, (so that someone may one day find mine it finally closes shop completely) mine will be staying as pure and virginal as snow white.

Don’t give a shit!

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