Posted by: purplediva | March 14, 2014

Flippin ‘ell

It’s very rare that I receive something that makes me squeal with delight, especially when it comes in the form of a text photo, because lets face it, these days, when you see a picture message appear, you simply don’t know what could be staring you in the face when it downloads. Oh yes, i’ve had rather too many of ‘those’…unsolicited I might add! However, this particular picture was in the form of flippers. Yep, flippers…

Flippin 'ell!

Flippin ‘ell!

Those rubber kind that you wear when snorkelling, except these particular ones were sporting a 5 inch stiletto heel. The ULTIMATE flippers! How on earth you were expected to snorkel is beyond me, but I’m guessing that you’d make a rather lovely looking mermaid, and of course i’m sure that the fish would be extremely appreciative of such beauty gracing their depths. The waddle to get to the boat would be amusing to say the least. I think Naomi Campbells’ infamous Vivienne Westwood fall in 1993 would pale into insignificance should she or any other super model don the super flipper of doom.

Naomi Campbell fall fail...

Naomi Campbell fall fail…

I for one would certainly like to watch someone try…suitable matched with a snug fitting ‘fishtail’ dress of course, for added effect. Sadistic…moi?

They have a rather apt name of; High Tide, with no doubt a high price to match…If of course they were actually available to be purchased.

Designed by artist/designer Paul Schietekat for an exhibition in 2006 and ideal for the fashionista that wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of oh so boring (but comfortable and practical) flip flops. In case you are interested I’ve done the research for you, they are available in orange, black, red and a rather luscious aqua blue. Alas no purple. Damn…that’s me scuppered then.

Wot no...purple?!! Pah....

Wot no…purple?!! Pah….

Perhaps someone will have to contact the manufacturer and tell them that there is a diva in Denbighshire on the loose looking for just the item to match her purple fetish and of course wetsuit. Watersports might just be my new new fetish. I have just the thing on the order… 😉


Rather fetching dontcha think?

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