Posted by: purplediva | July 24, 2016

Yoo hoo…I’m back!


Sat Nav

“Honey…I’m home”

Not that I ever actually went anywhere in the many months i’ve not written, although I do feel like I’ve been to outer space, through a few hedges backwards, quagmires, quicksands, hell, tornados and been wrung out to dry via an old fashioned mangle that’s had a go at crushing most of the bones in my body.  At one point taking all but my soul.

But I’m here and still fighting.  Older, experienced, calm.  Relaxed


Growing older

Alas, I can no longer say “I’m now in my fiftieth and a bit years” as I’m rapidly approaching the halfway mark to my sixtieth year. How did that happen?

I’m trying to happily skulk into mid life, having moved to North Wales, which is stunningly beautiful most of the time (even with the rain) but where the most exciting to happen in my days is Bertie (my rescue dog) puking on a visitors foot or occasionally I may get poked in the eye by a random received photograph on some form of social media app, of a courgette, aubergine or something similar…


I don’t even like veg…



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  1. Looking as gorgeous as ever. Like you, I have been in the wilderness for 2 yrs. Great to see you back.

  2. So lovely to see you back xx

  3. Delighted to sèe you again xxx

  4. About time too!

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