La Diva


I’m now beyond my fiftieth and a few months…*sigh* year but am still hanging on to my mischievous tag as and when I can (legs and health permitting!)

My 2 beautiful daughters have long flown the nest, and I now find myself rather wonderfully, a ‘nana’ to an adorable little boy and deliciously beautiful little girl. I seem to have acquired a rescue dog that doesn’t leave my side either. Not sure who’s rescued who!

I’m very deep, quite misunderstood, fun, enigmatic…and very wicked…So I’m told…

Enjoy the ride…this is it…thoughts and all…

The Diva ❤

ps. if you’re wondering about the name ‘purplediva’ then you have to read blog entries of  just plucked chicken club & also  A very basic instinct.…it explains all!!!

lie for sex


  1. What a special lady XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Poppet I laughed out loud in my office. Your Tree and Penguin Story had me in Tears !!

  3. Oh yes you are wicked!!

  4. Love the new layout and picture.
    And yes your wicked xx

  5. Thanks for the notice on FB. I’ll continue to keep up with you here. You are such an attractive woman. Period.

  6. I love your site. Keep it up !

  7. I wanna tel this man he’s not the father of my child but I know it’s going to hurt him asmuch as it hurts me on a daily basis.
    What do I do/

    • It may hurt him, but the pain of looking at him and knowing the truth is screwing you up inside and will make you ill if it hasn’t already. Fathers aren’t always the biological parent of a child. It doesn’t mean that he should love the child any less….but possibly more, because YOU have chosen him to share your child and life and truth. You MUST tell him. Not for his sake but for yours. If you’re not happy, no one can be happy. If he truly loves you, then you will weather the storm and come through it and he will love you more for the strength you have shown in your honesty, and ability to accept the consequences….because it could possibly not go your way, and you must be prepared for that. If that’s the case, then he isn’t the right person…..if he isn’t prepared to stand by you for YOU, then the relationship would be based on a lie….not ideal in the long term. The truth may hurt, but living the lie hurts a LOT more in the end. I wish you all the luck in the World, be strong and be true to yourself. Good Luck

  8. What a wonderful Woman! x

  9. You are amazing, Excellent posts..
    (you make me think dirty thoughts .. mmm …lol )
    Met a intelligent , beautiful bird with excellent talents 🙂 May God keep u healthy & happy, smile always x x

  10. Ou’est La Purplediva?

    • She is just about to disappear off to the wilds of Devon for two weeks. The plan was two months in France, but that got quashed. Have just been in hospital again and as usual nothing goes smoothly. Will be updating the blog as soon as I arrive 🙂 Hope you are well?

  11. Happened on you by accident on twitter and thought i’d give your blog a read……couple of words would sum it up! Really Really Fabulous.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment…Love, Love, LOVE that someone takes the time to leave me a comment, no matter what it may be…thank you SO much 🙂

  12. My new found friend. Thank you.

  13. love the thought of what youve created sweetheart,very sexy indeed!! a pur pleasure to know you xxx

  14. Thanks for following my blog, I hope you enjoy the rest of the work.

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