Read me (yes really)


This is my space and I invite you to enjoy it with me. I talk….laugh…play…mock and cry, and very occasionally fantasize, but this is REAL all events ARE real not made up or figments of my very active imagination. This is about what is going on in my world, here and now…..and you are very welcome to walk through and explore and digest at your leisure.

Curiosity is encouraged. Debate is welcomed. You are invited to leave comments and ask questions should the notion strike you. You should be warned that I am an adult, I have adult ideas and thoughts, therefore this isn’t a place for the underage, nor those with delicate sensibilities, nor anyone who wants to use my openness as a weapon against me in order to score points or point fingers.  If you don’t like what I have to say, in MY own words…then **** off and read something more suitable. Remember that YOU have a choice.   I suggest Enid Blyton may in that case suit your warped view on the idealistic World….

In most respects I lead a normal, almost boring life although that is open to debate!


All written material and original photographs are the exclusive intellectual property of the author and are (c) 2008-2016


  1. dont go overboard on the photoshop but certainly play !

  2. I thought you had given up FB to concentrate on more blogging…….Come on Girly get on with it 🙂

  3. im here too now lol you dive .xxxxx simplygorgeous ………….

  4. You’re a fine example of a Diva in every sense of the word. Love it! x

  5. love your writing!

  6. love your writing and would love to be friends

  7. A very long silence, always worry me. I miss my everyday peek into your fabulous world on FB. I sincerely miss you a lot. Jacques

  8. I found you on POF and loved your profile, thought I`d check this out, love you style of writing, tongue in cheek doesn`t begin to cover it :). You are a talented lady

  9. Bit annoyed that you blocked me, were you just looking for material for your blog?

    • I’m sorry if i’ve offended you, but I truly don’t know who you are and as far as I’m aware I haven’t blocked ANYONE on ANYTHING!

      You are also very misguided if you think that I was ‘just getting material for my blog’ ….This is most definitely not the case.

      However, It’s true to say that have encountered some incredibly rude and offensive ‘gentlemen’ in the past few weeks. But for every vile individual that deigned to carry that big chip on their shoulder over to my neck of the woods, and thrust some of their machismo chauvinism on me, there were countless others who more than redressed that balance. It’s certainly an ongoing experience (singledom) as I’m sure you are more than fully au fait with and encountering an array of women on tap. At the moment I have more than enough projects to be getting on with, but in time, who knows. Of course, I do plan on writing about the perils of dating in your 50’s, but haven’t done anything about it yet as I’d hardly call myself experienced enough after only a few weeks!

      I had tried to reply to the spoof email address that you left (it would’ve been preferable to writing on such an open forum) you obviously weren’t confident enough to leave me a valid one. From that I will deduce that I’d already seen through that arrogant exterior, and THAT may possibly be a reason why you’ve been blocked by me ‘if’ indeed that is the case.

  10. Hi Louise, just read the post above, how sad! Great reply! x

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to comment Colin, and duly noted and appreciated in it’s full context 🙂

  11. lousie i have to agree with the man above good luck x

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