Posted by: purplediva | March 8, 2012

La Dolce Vita….

La Diva cooks with passion.

Cooking with Passion...

Living alone as I do, the anticipation of ANYTHING being delivered to me, fills me with excitement.  The postman is always greeted with eagerness and a smile, especially when stood there with something requiring a signature.  Usually a sign that someone has taken the time to think of me.  (Or some bastard is asking for money and is making sure I receive the demand)

Being the twitter aficionado that I like to think I am (@thepurplediva) It started quite naively and cheekily with a flirty little tweet; ‘how would you like to send me some of your wares for me to get my lips around in exchange for a review?’ To be perfectly honest, I didn’t actually expect to get a response, least of all a favorable one…and certainly not offering me goodies!  And for me the bonus was, all the way from wonderful Italy from this delightful fledgling company; italialicious.

After a few ‘tweets’ between the divine Giorgio and myself, whom I had decided in my mind was so damn gorgeous that he had to be totally fictitious and was put there purely for my racing imagination (which was now galloping on overdrive dreaming of Italy, stallions, Ferraris…sunblush tomatoes, pesto, pasta and absolutely anything red and dripping in oil) he had decided to send me a ‘gift box’ suitably wicked for me….wicked with chocolate.  Oh be still my beating heart……

Now all I had to do was to use my feminine, womanly charms to persuade him/them to hand deliver by a hunk in trunks.  Although to be perfectly honest, at this moment in time I’m not too fussed as to what his attire is.  He could be dressed head to toe in a penguin outfit (and yes I mean a full penguin and not a euphemism for a tuxedo) and I’d welcome him at my door!  Especially brandishing a box of beautifully presented Italian goodies.  After all, presentation is EVERYTHING isn’t it…..???

Anticipation mounted as I eagerly awaited the arrival; after all, this was going to be a huge first for me on two counts.  The first time that I was having something delivered in a plain brown box that didn’t actually come with accompanying obligatory batteries.  Somewhat novel in itself…

I wasn’t sure whether I’d heard the doorbell ring above the noise of the rush of water, so hastily wrapped my dripping wet, podgy little body into a towel, typically having just stepped out of the shower at lunchtime.  As always…timing is EVERYTHING.  And if you know me, timing is really NOT my forte, so this once again comes as no surprise….

I’d remained ever hopeful that the consignment was still going to be hand delivered by a swarthy, handsome, latino italian hunk. Raoul Bova esq was running through my head….Italian Hunk

Opening the door, my anticipation and excitement soon dissolved as there was no Italian hunk in short trunks as my imagination had led me to believe, but a rather stocky and sheepish looking UPS delivery man, ready to make a very rapid exit…especially when he saw me stood there looking less than 007 Bond  girl like sexy in my towel, more like 008 – one half of the bingo ‘two fat ladies!.

This large drab brown box was oh so thrilling.  Like a little child opening a present sent from a long lost Aunt (No, not from darkest Peru…don’t lets get carried away).  I had no idea of the contents, and I hadn’t ordered it!  My little face beamed (this is a rare occurrence…and yes there WAS a full moon that week too)  But once inside the uninspiring exterior, the most beautiful green and red, unmistakably Italian box, lit up my face even more. Box of seduction

It was absolutely exquisite.  The quality and attention to detail unsurpassable.  Even down to the thank you note and the miniature butterfly peg holding it in place.  I don’t know how Giorgio ‘knew’ but he had ME and my likes down to a tee.

Delicacy for the mind

Delicacy for the mind

And then to the contents…

My ‘Dessert Box’ contained;

  • Hazelnut & dark chocolate cream
  • Dark chocolate hazelnut balls
  • Chocolate & Pear Biscotti

The hazelnut balls I had intended to keep for ‘others’…as a nice little accompaniment to a rather neat little luscious espresso.  However, you know what thought did.  My fat little fingers found themselves diving into the sweet little box every time I opened the cupboard, and with each mouthful I devoured, moaned and groaned my way through sucking & munching as if Meg Ryan acting out the scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’ (and no, not her Silence of the Lamb rendition on Parkinson)  So yes, they met with a 5* approval from me, and sadly no-one else can concur as no one got their little mitts on them.  Mine mine mine…ALL MINE

Delight for the senses

Chocolate & Pear Biscotti do NOT dunk in tea. Why I thought they would I have no idea, however, not to be outwitted, I came up with a very cunning plan for both of the other little beauties, and oh my God….I’m in HEAVEN.


Top Tip from the kitchen of La Diva (read it and weep Nigella & Delia….)

Warm the biscotti in an oven for about 5 minutes (gas mark 4) (my oven is stroppy & temperamental like me so you really are only warming not toasting…CHECK)

Mix 2 large dollops (this is a diva measurement) of the hazelnut/chocolate fondant  with 1 large dollop of mascarpone.

Sandwich between the biscotti and sprinkle with a cappuccino shaker/cocoa mix & serve with fresh raspberries.

Relax on sofa with feet up, glass of chilled dessert wine of choice – Marsala or Vin Santo of course (or espresso if it’s only 10am!)

Scoff quickly before anyone sees & lick all spoons and implements so that washing up is kept to a minimum.

HUGE thank you to italialicious for providing me with the most amount of pleasure I’ve had in weeks.  I’m pretty damn hard to please (as Waitrose found out this week!) and really do say what I feel.   I do have one gripe about the product;  lack of delivery ‘hunk’ but I’m sure I’ll work around that given time!

ITALIALICIOUS  Think – Click – Enjoy

Top quality Italian food and wines delivered in luxury handcrafted boxes.

Select a box, choose the products, customize it with your message and ship it wherever you want in the World.  All within 72 hours from the moment your order is placed.

Starting from just 29 Euros (paypal accepted too) and with special offers regularly being promoted, they’re a fabulous alternative to a bouquet of flowers that are dead within days, AND shows you’ve thought outside the box buying something IN a box!

Go on….you KNOW you’re dying to try my recipe 😉

Treat yourself to a taste of Italy


  1. Fantastic Blog , great stuff x

  2. nice to see you back daisy

    • Thank you…Long time no speak too. Sincerely hope you’re okay? You’ve been missed

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