Sadly the fabulous ladies at had no choice but to discontinue the website in the face of harsh commercial competition, and I had received this press release from them late in 2011, but personal circumstances halted my update:

We are really sorry and really sad, but will be closing it’s doors next month.

We have had a great time talking with you all, hearing your stories, sharing your problems and providing a happy meeting place.

But the world is a difficult place commercially – so many women are dedicated to other communities with larger populations and we can no longer compete.

So it will soon be time to say goodbye.

Meanwhile – thanks for everything – Sue , Angie , the designers, writers and contributors have had a great time……

Two working Mums , we started the website from scratch and a couple of hundred pounds!

We have worked with whips on Trisha, shared the sofa with Ben Shephard on GMTV, tweeted with the best of them and even had a book published.  Experiences we will never forget.

But the thing we are most proud of is that women have joined the site and have made lifelong friendships….something that wouldn’t have happened without

Thank you everyone.

Articles written specifically for

30th June 2010A spot of ‘DIY’ (A whole new meaning to getting your tools out…….)

12th May 2010 – Do Men Lie for sex?

lie for sex


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